Enter Contests Now: Winnings Could Set You Up For Life

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Cash from national contests can help you pay off debt, finance that dream vacation around the world or send you on a shopping spree in style. But you can’t win the money unless you enter the contests. The odds may be tough but it’s easy to enter online. And, someone has to win, right? Why not good people like you?

The contests listed here represent more than $100,000 in cash prizes and that excludes the Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize. The uber lucky person who scores in that contest brings in $10,000 a week for life — not a bad haul for the few minutes it takes to enter.

The Time to Enter Cash Money Contests Is Now

Don’t delay in entering contests to win cash — the more you enter, the greater your chances of walking away with a big fat check!.

1. Chime 2023 PayDay Boost Sweepstakes

Chime is an online bank that boasts no overdeft fees, no monthly fees and no minimum balance requirement. It’s also currently holding its PayDay Boost Sweepstakes, which awards $10,000 to 52 winners on a weekly basis. The sweepstakes are open to both new and existing Chime account holders.

Chime customers will automatically get one entry for the sweepstakes period, which runs until Jan. 13, 2024, but you can also increase your chances of winning by entering weekly by filling in the form on Chime’s website.

The Chime PayDay Boost Sweepstakes is open to legal residents 18 years or older in all 50 U.S. states, plus the District of Columbia. Residents of Puerto Rico are not eligible to enter.

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2. Fingerhut Sweepstakes

Fingerhut provides credit to help people buy things they need without dealing with large monthly payments or annual fees. And it also holds an annual sweepstake that awards several cash prizes throughout the year.

The sweepstakes will give away a total of $60,000 in the 2023-2024 entry period. Fingerhut already gave away $20,000 in June, but there are three more opportunities to enter to win some cash:

  • Enter by Sept. 30, 2023, to win $10,000
  • Enter by Dec. 31, 2023, to win $25,000
  • Enter by March 31, 2023, to win $5,000

To get started, go to www.fingerhut.com and enter your email address. If you don’t have a Fingerhut account, you will be asked to provide some basic information like your name, address and birthday. There are four ways to enter.

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  1. Place an order with Fingerhut
  2. Use your Fingerhut account to set up scheduled recurring payments through your WebBank/Fingerhut Fetti Credit Account
  3. Use your WebBank/Fingerhut Fetti Credit Account to make on-time monthly payments
  4. Enter by mail with no purchase necessary

To enter by mail, send your name, address, date of birth, phone number, and email address to 2023-2024 Fingerhut $60,000 Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 7767, Melville, NY 11775-77678. The email address must be associated with a Fingerhut account for the entry to be valid. The Fingerhut Sweepstakes are open to U.S. residents aged 18 and up.

3. Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize Event

Even if you’re not big into sweepstakes, chances are you have heard of Publishers Clearing House. Rather than just mailing you a check, they show up with a gigantic check and make a big spectacle of awarding it to you.

You might wonder if this is legit; while there are plenty of copycat scammers around, PCH really does give out giant checks to real people just like you.

The PCH SuperPrize Event is offering a phenomenal prize of $10,000 a week for life. To enter, simply fill out this form and submit. Winners are notified throughout the year.

In addition to the SuperPrize Event, PCH has several other sweepstakes, so keep checking the website to see how you can enter to win.

4. Nielsen $10,000 Monthly Sweepstakes

Nielsen is known for its audience research, but you might not know that the company also sponsors monthly sweepstakes where you can win a whopping $10,000!

To be eligible to win, you need to sign up for an account with Nielsen and provide information about your household and the devices you use. Then, you’ll need to download an app to your phone or tablet, or some software to your computer (don’t worry, it’s secure). Your info will be reported to Nielsen so they can see what products and services you use, and they can use your data (along with data from thousands of other participants) to improve these products and services.

In addition to the chance to win $10,000 every month, you can also earn points that translate into a maximum of $60 per year. You can redeem the points for gift cards to stores such as Amazon and Walmart.

The sweepstakes take place once per month, so get signed up today for the most chances to win!

5. 2023 Q3 Walmart August-October Sweepstakes

From now until Oct. 27, 2023, you can enter the Walmart Q3 sweepstakes for a chance to win one of five $1,000 Walmart gift cards for the grand prize, or one of 750 $100 Walmart gift cards for the first prize. That’s a total of $80,000 up for grabs in Walmart swag (and you can buy pretty much anything there, so it may as well be cash).

There are a few ways you can enter to win the sweepstakes:

  • Shop at your local Walmart and complete the survey at the bottom of your receipt for one entry.
  • Complete an online survey for another entry.
  • Send a postcard containing your name, address, phone number and date of birth to 2022 Walmart Sweepstakes, PO Box 228, Macedon, NY 14502-0228. Write-in entries must be postmarked by Oct. 27, 2023, and received by Nov. 2, 2023.

6. Spirit Halloween $15,000 Killer Klowns of Outer Space Sweepstakes

Spooky season is upon us, and Spirit Halloween stores are popping up all over the place. In addition to offering just about any Halloween costume you can imagine, Spirit Halloween is also running a sweepstake in which you could win a grand prize of $15,000.

There’s no purchase necessary to enter (though you know you’ll probably end up buying a witch hat at the very least), and the sweepstakes are open to legal residents of the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec) age 18 or older.

There are two ways to enter the Spirit Halloween $15,000 Sweepstakes:

  • Visit your nearest Spirit Halloween and provide your email address at checkout; or
  • Enter online by filling out the form at this link.

You may only enter once, so make your choice wisely. And if you choose the in-person option, why not stock up on spooky costumes and decor to celebrate Halloween all year?

7. Dotdash Media Inc. $10,000 Fall Sweepstakes

Want a chance to win a cool $10,000 in cash? Enter the Dotdash Media Inc. $10,000 Fall Sweepstakes for an opportunity to win the grand prize. The sweepstakes are open to all legal residents, 21 years and older, of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

You can enter online at one of Dotdash’s web properties, including InStyle.com, RealSimple.com, EW.com, FoodandWine.com, People.com, SouthernLiving.com, and TravelandLeisure.com.

You can enter as many times as you like, but you can only use each email address once. You have until Dec. 31, 2023, to enter, and a winner will be drawn around Jan. 8, 2024.

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