If You Drive Less Than 30 Miles a Day, You Could Save $541/Year on Car Insurance

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So you have a car. But you hardly drive the thing. Guess what — you still have to pay insurance on it. Ugh. Even worse? Your car insurance company is probably charging you too much. 

If you drive less than about 2,500 miles per year, a company called Metromile could get you car insurance for as little as $29 a month.

Seriously. It lets you pay by the mile, so you’re only paying for the insurance you use.

We know switching insurance doesn’t exactly sound like a joyride, but Metromile makes it super simple.

How to Save $541/Year on Car Insurance in Just 2 Minutes

Metromile’s pay-per-mile system works best for people who drive less than 30 miles per day, or about 200 miles a week.

In fact, if you drive about 27 miles a day or less, you could save up to $541 a year on insurance. The less you drive, the less you pay.

To find out how much you could save, just answer a few questions about where you live and what type of car you drive. It takes about two minutes.

Oh, and if you end up taking a weekend road trip, Metromile won’t charge you for any miles over 250 per day.

So if your car spends less time on the road and more time in the garage becoming a collector’s item, it’s worth giving this a shot. Just think about how much Armor All you could buy with that savings…

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